Welcome to the PS 196Q Science Website.

In order to inform families about the topics being taught in science this year, this website contains the main science content for each grade. The dates are approximate.

Click on the side menu of grades to see information about the specific topics in each unit.

Please check with your child's classroom teacher for the specific topics in each unit that are currently being covered.

Here are the Science Units:

K - Sept- Nov: Plants and Trees; Dec-Feb: Properties of Materials; March - June: Animals

Grade 1 – Sept-Nov: Animals; Dec- Feb: Solids, Liquids, Gas; March: Water; April-June: Weather, Sun and Moon; Stars and Planets

Grade 2 – Sept-Dec: Earth Science; Jan-March: Forces; Gravity and Magnets; April-June: Plants

Grade 3 - Sept-Nov: Measurement and Matter; Dec-Feb: Energy; March: Simple Machines; April-June: Traits of Animals and Plants

Grade 4 –Sept-Dec: Plants and Animals; Food Chains: Life Cycles; Jan-Feb: Magnets and Electricity; March: Matter, Water Cycle;

April-June: Extreme Natural Events

Grade 5 – Sept-Nov: Ecosystems and Biomes, Dec-Feb: Earth Science; March-April: Nutrition;

May-June: The Scientific Method; Investigations