In winter, some animals have fur that turns white.

This is called camouflage.

(polar bears, snowshoe rabbit, arctic fox)

Some animals hibernate and sleep in winter because they can’t find food:

(bears, groundhog, chipmunk, bats)

Some animals go to warm places in winter to get food.

They migrate.

Birds, like geese, robins, and ducks


Some animals look for food in winter:

(rabbits, deer, foxes, wolves)

Animals homes keep them safe and warm.

Nest: birds, squirrels

Cave: bear, bat

Den: Lion, fox

Lodge: beavers build it with branches

Hive: bees

Underground: rabbit, ants, mole

Tree: koala bear, owl, squirrel

Animals must be able to get food.

CLAWS: Tiger, Eagle

SHARP TEETH Alligator, Dogs, Lion



Long neck on a giraffe,

Long tongue (anteater, lizard, frog)

Animals must have protection:

SHELLS: Turtle, Snail, Armadillo

POISON: cobra, tree frog

WINGS to fly away

FUR and BLUBBER to stay warm